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Street Food on The Bitten Word

Earlier this evening I came acrossa great food blog. The couple who write it live in DC (like me!) and primarily focus their energies on the foods they prepare themselves. I'm not much of a cook myself, but I like to eat good food and some of their sample pictures had me champing at the bit. What really caught my eye, though, were their two posts about their recent trip to China, particularly the one entitled "The Wackiest Foods We Encountered in China." In it, they recap some of the more adventurous items they came across, whether or not they actually tried them. Naturally, many of these "wacky" foods were street foods. Their pictures are lovely and do a terrific job of conveying the rich variety of street foods (and foods in general) in China. With their permission, here are some highlights:


Whole Pigeons


Stinky Tofu

Visit their blog for more great shots of great food.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Entomophagy

It seems I'm trendier than I suspected. Shortly after writing我最近关于吃虫子的帖子biwei体育app,The New Yorkerprinted an article about the exact same topic. Unfortunately, you have to be a subscriber to read the全文在线, but there are two supplementary online pieces includingthis onewith some video from the writer's research from the article andthis onebiwei体育app关于如何从文化偏见中“自由一个人”,让人们从尝试错误(包括对1992年关于昆虫的一篇文章的大量提及)。很高兴为我的信念带来一些高度值得支持的支持,我们应该吃更多的错误。最后,请从最近的一个享受这个卡通New Yorker:
Best proposal ever.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

In Defense of Entomophagy

I am a big believer that we in the Western hemisphere--particularly here in the United States--should be eating more insects. This is not, at present, a point of view likely to earn me many friends. Nonetheless, I remain steadfast in this conviction. In much of the world, entomophagy is not a controversial lifestyle. Some estimate that 80% of the countries in the world include insects as part of their cuisines. Frankly, people who don't eat bugs are the minority in the world. Now, there are lots of good reasons to eat bugs. Entomophagy has something for everybody! You like protecting the environment? Raising bugs for human consumption requires significantly less food, water, and land than beef, pork, chicken, or really any other meat. You want to prevent animal cruelty? Unlike, say, chickens, most bugs actually kind of like being crowded together in tight living spaces. Want to eat healthily? Insects are full of protein and vitamins and (generally) low in fat. Hypochondriac? Insects are much less likely to transmit diseases to humans (remember the swine flu? The bird flu? Mad cow disease? When was the last time you hear of locust fever? Cricket flu? Ant pneumonia? That's right, you haven't.).

So with all these reasons to eat insects, why don't we? I can only think of one reason, and, frankly, I don't think it's a very compelling one: people find it gross. Let's get past that, folks.

对于更深入的探索,了解为什么我们应该吃虫子,看biwei体育appthis TED video. And keep an eye on this blog later this fall for my own adventures in Chinese entomophagy.