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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

There You Have It: Even Obama Likes Street Food

This website rarely touches on politics, but this story was too good not to mention: When President Obama was in Vietnam this week, he made a point of sharing a meal with famous food-eater Anthony Bourdain. Not just any meal, of course--they atebún chả在一个墙上的河内面条店!也许它不是中国人street food, but I think an American president stopping by a street food shop in East Asia merits a mention here on Read more about the Obama-Bourdain dinner这里

Monday, July 23, 2012

Couch Surfing

"Please come, my friend." So began the response to the first couch request I ever sent。Couch surfing, for the uninitiated, is a new term for a very old concept—hospitality. Through the Couch Surfing website, travelers to an unfamiliar city can find locals who are willing to meet up for coffee, show them around the city, or even offer a place to sleep. It is citizen diplomacy in its purest form.

When I was planning my trip through China, I decided to give couch surfing a try. I had heard about it before but had never been in the position to host, so I never got around to signing up. On a whim I thought, "well, let's see if they have any couch surfers in China." It didn't take long to find out that China has an active and vibrant couch surfing community. Just to see what would happen, I sent out a request to a couch surfer in Shanghai, the first stop on my journey. Within five hours I had received a reply. The minute I received that reply, I was hooked. In the three months that I crisscrossed China, I spent 53 nights in the homes of 30 people I had never met before. I stayed with Chinese nationals, foreign expats, college students, families with children, retired people, gay, straight, men, and women. I slept on couches, floors, and beds in lavish homes and modest, spartan apartments. Every host was gloriously different and added something new to my Chinese experience.

  • 一位主持人是澳门大赌场的Cirque du Soleil类型展会上的助理艺术总监。他能够为我的惊人节目带来好座位,比我所提供的更好的价格,然后我之后得到了一个后台之旅。
  • 一位主持人的父亲慷慨地足够慷慨地送给我,当我似乎很冷时,我的衣柜里的旧毛衣送给我。我每天都在毛衣上戴着毛衣大约一个月(我收到它,就在我逗留的最冷的地方biwei体育app)。
  • 一个主持人让我从一个不同的城市走到两个小时的地方,所以我们可以抽出一些那个城市的街头食物。
  • 几个主持人(或他们的家庭)包括在繁体中文宴会中的我,让我感到非常欢迎。
There are many more highlights and lots of great stories; these are merely a sample.

成为沙发冲浪者很容易。沙发冲浪网站的注册是免费的。一旦您注册,您可以在世界任何地方搜索其他注册的冲浪者。同样,他们将能够找到你的搜索城市。新的沙发冲浪者经常表达对安全的担忧,沙发冲浪网站的地址有几种安全措施。首先,所有参与者都有机会成为“经过验证的”成员。基本上,沙发冲浪者可以使用信用卡来向沙发冲浪组织捐款。这允许网站验证冲浪者正在使用他或她的真实身份。第二个关键安全措施是社区凭证系统。只有沙发冲浪者担任三次的沙发冲浪者有能力为他们所遇见和信任的人担保(凭借这些网站的创始人和他们信赖的人,并从那里传播)。 The best safety measure, of course, is that you are never under any obligation to host a person who wants to stay in your home. You can judge from the person's request and profile page (including reviews from other members) whether or not you feel comfortable hosting him or her. For more about couch surfing safely,

Speaking from personal experience, couch surfing is an exciting way to interact with people of different cultures. As a solo traveler, the free accommodation was nice, but the opportunity to learn about a new city from a local was priceless. My book (and this website) are 100 times richer because of the local knowledge shared with me by my hosts and their families. I joined the community on a whim. That was, perhaps, the best whim-based decision I ever made.

Note: This article previously appeared ,略微修改,2012年7月问题NCIV网络新闻



按我的计算,有三种主要的方式around China: airplane, bus, and train. You could of course rent a car, hitchhike, walk, or bike, but I suspect most people stick to those three primary options. Of these choices, my favorite by far is the train. Here are my arguments to support this opinion:

  • 火车usually offer five different types of tickets (standing room only, hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper, and soft sleeper). This variety is nice. Planes might have first class and economy, but no beds. Buses come in two varieties--seats and beds--but you're basically stuck with whichever is available on the route you want to take.
  • 火车are far cheaper than airplanes (most of the time anyway--ask around because sometimes they have疯狂的sales on inter-city plane trips). Trains also tend to be cheaper than buses, assuming you get the hard seat tickets.
  • 火车有船上的浴室。巴士每隔几个小时停下来,但在那些之间的那些停止你自己。
  • 你可以起床并在火车上伸展双腿。如果您的旅行超过几个小时,这是一个很好的奢侈品。
For these reasons (and more), train is my preferred method of travel in China. This is not to say there aren't times where it makes sense to take a bus or a plane, usually due to constraints of time or the absence of a train station in your desired destination.

现在,我相信你,你应该travelling by train, you might be asking yourself how one knows which train to take. Back in January I did a lot of searching around for English timetables with limited success, until I discovered中国旅游指南的维基动力列车搜索功能。Friend, this was a lifesaver. If you enter your desired travel route into the search boxes, it will come up with the trains servicing that route, including departure times, arrival times,门票的费用。让我们说,例如,你想从杭州到上海。Your search resultswill give you 131 different potential trains to take.



Map courtesy

You can see why this website very quickly became one of my most utilized resources in China. Recall that I was travelling basically every other day tomore than 50 cities那so a website that let me research train travel with this amount of detail was invaluable. I would routinely decide my plan for three or four cities in advance, and it was a huge help to be able to decide which trains I wanted before I arrived at the station to buy them.


In brief, I wholeheartedly, 100% encourage you to use the China Travel Guide to plan your train travel in China. It is an excellent resource.

Friday, May 11, 2012



Here's why Charles Schwab is the best, hands-down:

1. There are no maintenance fees on a checking account. True, most banks offer this, but not all. It's a good place to start.

2. With your Charles Schwab bank card, you are entitled to pull money out of any ATM in the whole world, so long as it has a VISA logo on it. This is good--those suckers areeverywhere

3. Here's where they start to distinguish themselves. Unlike some big banks, Charles Schwab doesn't charge you any fee to pull money out of a different bank's ATM.

4. Continuing with this "no-fee" thing, Charles Schwab doesn't charge you a conversion fee. Many banks charge a percentage of the withdrawal amount as a conversion fee if you are collecting a different currency than the currency in your home country. I'm not a banker, but it seems to me that conversion fees are pretty silly. Does it cost a bank anything to calculate the conversion rate? If I can check on Google for free, I don't get the sense that a company that lives and dies by exchange rates would have any trouble with it. So why charge me anything to do it? Charles Schwab succumbs to logic and charges no conversion fee.

这是真正的踢球者。除了上述无线策略之外,Charles Schwab还进一步走了一步,如果您使用费用费用,请提出恢复您的费用。想一想一下。biwei体育app您在国外旅行或在家中有多少次 - 并且有一个ATM表示,它将收取3.00美元,因为ATM上的银行名称与您的betwayapp卡上的银行名称不符?与查尔斯·施瓦布,ATM可以收取所有它喜欢的东西 - 查尔斯施瓦布将字面上给你付钱给你。这是太棒了。

So it sounds good in theory, yes? How does it work in practice you say? Exactly how they said it would. I used this card at ATMs all over China (really...) with no hassle at all. Charles Schwab never once charged me a fee, and when the foreign banks charged me a on-site fee to use the ATM, I was reimbursed completely. I can't tell you how convenient it is to have access to your money in any city in China. I never had to carry more than 1000 yuan (about $160) on me at any given time, and I was able to pay for everything in cash.

Are there any downsides to the Charles Schwab solution, I hear you asking? Of course, I respond; but they are few and negligible. For one, Charles Schwab does not maintain very many physical offices. In order to deposit money, you need to either transfer electronically from another account or you need to mail them a check to deposit (in postage-paid envelopes that they will provide you). The electronic transfer process is easy, but it does take a few days for the money to become available to you--best not to wait until the day before your trip to do this. The only other very minor drawback to this solution that I can think of is that you are required to open a Charles Schwab investment account to be able to hold a checking account. That sounds a bit scary until you learn that you don't have to keep a minimum balance in it. You can open the account and then leave it completely empty for no charge. It's a bit of an inconvenience, but certainly no reason to overlook all of the great qualities of the checking account.

This card worked perfectly for me. I have no reason to doubt that it won't work for you as well. It truly seems like the ideal solution for a traveler going abroad. So long as you aren't spending all of your time in completely rural areas that don't have ATMs, this could very easily be the best solution for you.

Thus concludes the first official product endorsement of this website. Charles Schwab High Yield Checking Account: I salute you.