Sunday, August 28, 2011

Special Report from the Department of Missed Opportunities

Amar'e Stoudemire, power forward for the New York Knicks, recentlysaid thisabout his trip to China:
Spent my last few days getting the local flavor of the people and culture of Beijing by visiting the Chinese Street Market. I was starving, but there was no way I was messing with these. They deep fry them here. I am going to have to pass!
That was accompanied by this picture of Mr. Stoudemire looking dubious by a street food vendor.

He wenton to note that it was the sea horses, silkworms, scorpions, lizards, snakes, and tarantulas that particularly turned him off. "I think I am ready to land in LA and hit up In & Out burger!," he quipped.

Really? Look, folks, I can understand that there is a gross-out factor for Westerners when it comes to eating animals with more or less than four legs. I've also never tried an In & Out burger, although everything I've heard says they are a must-try delicacy in California. That all makes sense. But seriously...what a missed opportunity! There are lots of street foods that don't involve lizards. There are fried breads and steamed buns, there are pork and chicken skewers, there are hundreds of varieties of tofu. The point is that even if you are squigged out by the thought of eating something with tentacles (keeping in mind, of course, that lobsters have tentacles...), you can find a street food to try. I hear a lot of people, including Mr. Stoudemire, talk about actively avoiding street food while in China, and it truly makes me cringe. Not only does it make me cringe, I just don't get it. If you are soaking up the local color, like Mr. Stoudemire was, and you skip the street food, it's like you've taken in a rainbow but ignored the green. You're not getting the whole experience. Why would you purposely avoid part of the cultural palette? Like I said, I recognize that there are a number of reasons that people skip the street food while they are in China, but I really encourage anybody to give it a go anyway. It doesn't have to be scorpions...there are absolutely more familiar entry points. There's a whole world of flavors out there, and it's a real shame to miss them.

Direct message to Amar'e Stoudemire:下次你去中国,给街头食物另一个机会。我不认为你会抱歉。

Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Entomophagy

It seems I'm trendier than I suspected. Shortly after writing我最近关于吃虫子的帖子biwei体育app,The New Yorkerprinted an article about the exact same topic. Unfortunately, you have to be a subscriber to read the全文在线, but there are two supplementary online pieces includingthis onewith some video from the writer's research from the article andthis onebiwei体育app关于如何从文化偏见中“自由一个人”,让人们从尝试错误(包括对1992年关于昆虫的一篇文章的大量提及)。很高兴为我的信念带来一些高度值得支持的支持,我们应该吃更多的错误。最后,请从最近的一个享受这个卡通New Yorker:
Best proposal ever.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Warning: No pictures in this post...just a wall of text.

A while back, I wrotea postbiwei体育app关于一些预防措施,避免在吃街头食物的同时患病,以及如何在发生时处理它(这是不可避免的)。当我写这个帖子时,我处于优质的方格和精神上。然而,此后不久,我的轮廓变得非常不良。我不确定它是什么或者它如何找到我,但我在7月份在围攻的胃虫中花了几天。我生病了很长一段时间。年多年。这是可怕的。我被制定了。丧失态度。我忘记了它有多糟糕。